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Hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”) is a concept that has been part of the Danish culture since the 1800s1. The high season of hygge is the winter, which is traditionally long and dark in Denmark2. The Danes combat this long season with hygge, by bringing light and cosiness into their homes & lives2. Hygge is both a feeling and a way of living. It involves cuddling up on the couch with loved ones, lighting candles, enjoying a warm tea, and relaxing into your life.

It is about simplicity: returning to basics, no distractions, and being with those you love.

At Hygge Home we embrace this concept in the creation of our furniture: clean lines and classic designs that are functional. There is no fuss.

From intimate dinner table conversations to cozying up in bed on a rainy night, our furniture can establish the foundation around which you can create hygge in your home.



By providing a one-stop shop experience, we promise to supply & deliver high quality furniture that is classic and practical in design, and to provide reliable, authentic and professional service to all of our customers.

Online shopping is now the reality. Hygge Home has embraced this as a way to grow closer to our customers, by expanding our services directly to the end consumer. We want to embrace the continued growth of the online retail market while maintaining both the experience and ideals of an independent, family owned and operated company.

Let’s make your home a Hygge Home!


Hygge Home (established in 2017) is the manufacturer’s brand online retailer for NovaSolo products. All furniture is designed, manufactured and distributed under the house name & brand NovaSolo.

Hygge Home is pleased to offer the following NovaSolo house brand collections: Halifax, Halifax Contrast, Halifax Accent, Provence, Provence Accent, Bordeaux and Wickerworks.

Each piece of furniture is made using only high-grade materials, machinery and craftsmanship to ensure a top-quality product. All furniture is pre-assembled3 and designed for indoor use.


1 Source: www.countryliving.com/life/a41187/what-is-hygge-things-to-know-about-the-danish-lifestyle-trend/

2 Source: www.visitdenmark.com/hygge

3 Some products require minimal assembly due to shipping sizes

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